The economic and social reincorporation of HUMANICEMOS DH personnel must be an integral and sustainable, exceptional and transitory process that considers the interests of the community in the process of reincorporation and their families. It should strengthen the social fabric in the territories, coexistence and reconciliation among those who inhabit them, as well as the deployment and development of productive activity and local democracy.
The economic, social and political reincorporation of the personnel who signed the 2016 Peace Agreement is based on the recognition of individual freedom and the free exercise of the individual rights of each one of us who decided to work for Life, Reconciliation and the Reconstruction of the Territories.
The characteristics of reincorporation as established by the Peace Agreement that gave birth to HUMANICEMOS DH are complementary to the agreements already reached. This reincorporation process must have a differential approach in all its components, with emphasis on women’s rights.

Additional information:

National Council for Reincorporation (CNR in Spanish)

In the framework of the Peace Agreement signed in Colombia in 2016, the National Council for Reincorporation (CNR) was created, composed of two (2) members of the Government and two (2) reincorporated people. Its should define the activities, establish the schedule and monitor the reincorporation process, according to the terms agreed with the National Government. There are also joint Territorial Reincorporation Councils under the terms and conditions and with the functions defined by the CNR. These Councils were organized upon signature of the final Agreement. The CNR may invite institutions, social organizations or international organizations for the development of its functions.

Information taken from:
Final Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace, 2016; (p. 68-69) Retrieved from: Cancillería colombiana