6.1 Generalities in MRE

6.1.1 Definition of MRE

MRE is a series of processes aimed at the civilian population, which seek to raise awareness and promote a culture of safe behavior, to reduce risk to a level where people can live safely and create an environment where economic and social development is free from the limitations imposed by the presence of explosive devices. This is done through public information dissemination, education and training, and community risk management.
MRE must ensure that girls, boys, adolescents, youth, women and men of all ethnic groups in affected communities are aware of the risks posed by Antipersonnel Mines (APM), unexploded ordnance (UXO) and Explosive Traps (ET). Likewise, it must promote a culture of safe behavior that reduces the risk of death and injury from AE for people, and the impact on property and the environment.
MRE is an integral part of the planning and implementation of Integrated Mine Action (IMAA). It is normally an activity that should not be carried out in isolation or independently. It should, whenever possible, be implemented in support of or in conjunction with other mine action activities.
In some emergencies when demining is not possible or has not been initiated, MRE is implemented independently through the education and emergency models. These actions should be planned and implemented in coordination with local authorities and affected communities and should be coordinated, monitored and followed up by the OACP.
Awareness-raising in MRE is understood as activities that seek to generate receptivity or awareness in stakeholders regarding the dangers associated with the presence of ECs and the importance of carrying out actions that promote behavioral changes. These activities can involve the communities at risk, leaders, local authorities and organizations, so that they feel committed to the search for solutions based on their own particular activities.

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